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Not all Android phones have the capabilities to use OTG, so check with your manufacturer to find out if yours does. To access your phone through your computer, you need to turn on USB Debugging mode.

The Bottom Line

When you use USB debugging, your Android device receives commands, files, and other data from your computer. It works the opposite way as well, letting your PC pull necessary information like log files from your phone.

Enter Settings by pulling down the top menu on your phone and clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner. Go back to Settings, and scroll back down to the bottom. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB connection.

Text Message Recovery Apps for Android (Deleted SMS Retrieval Software)

From your computer, you can access and open the folders from your phone and copy the data you want to your computer. If the screen is not working, it would be best for most users to use an Android Data Recovery Tool. The free versions will have minimal features, and you may need an upgrade to do what you need.

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If none of this works to access your broken phone, take it to a repair shop. Make sure you go to a reputable shop because once they access your phone, they can access all your data. A smart move is to avoid getting caught with a broken phone and no access to the data inside.

Just because the screen is broken does not mean everything that is stored on your device is gone forever. Image credit: Close-up usb cable connect phone and laptop computer. You've decided to leave a comment.

How to Restore Text Messages from Android with Black Screen?

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